About us

What a rollercoaster ride! This is how it began

Chapter 1

The beginning

It was March 2020. The pandemic hit the world and we all were confined to our homes. It’s during this time that our CEO Manish Kumar decides to start an Analytics consultancy as a side hustle along with his regular job. He created a website and a digital portfolio and thus, insightsDNA was born. 

As the ball started rolling, we got our first paid gig and then a big boy client, and finally insightsDNA went official – we were GST registered in India! 

Chapter 2

We go full throttle

The first step was to get big on Linkedin. We started reaching out to small and mid-sized eCommerce businesses and built the first set of strategies. Manish decided to leave his regular job and banked his first speaking gig as the CEO of insightsDNA. We’d finally arrived!

Chapter 3

insightsDNA finds a new home...and a team

Manish shifts to Chandigarh and hires the first rockstar, then a group of interns as part of insightsDNA’s Linkedin Influencer Program. Then more rockstars joined us and thus was born our growth marketing strategy for 2021!

Chapter 4

The Big Bang!

Manish posts his first video content online – ‘How to start a business in 30 days” which has garnered 75K monthly views on Linkedin. Next up was Instagram. We get our first feature on Startup Stories, and Manish wins the CEO of the Year award – we were simply overwhelmed! 

Chapter 5

Happy 1st Anniversary to us!

We pivot our business model and focus on growth marketing analytics. We relaunch our website. We are EBITDA positive, and ready to roll more than ever. 

Upwards and growing.

Our Values


Love your craft

We’re here because we love what we do. We’re looking for others who feel the same


Be bold. Be humble

We celebrate ideas over egos, where the best idea wins, regardless of who or where it comes from.


Always push forward

We’re on a tireless pursuit to become better and expect those around us to do the same.


Be a professional

There’s important work to be done. Speak up. Be present. Provide value, with honesty

Our Team

Did you like what we do?
We’re happy to help

insightsDNA looks forward to helping you grow and achieve your business goals. If you want to learn how we can synergize to bring performance-driven solutions – we’re right here.

We. Build. Brands.