Linkedin Optimization

Why LinkedIn is important?

You’ve heard LinkedIn is important but is it actually? And if so, why? We take a deep dive into the networking platform.

  1. You can tap into its powerful job board
  2. It can help your name rank higher on Google
  3. You can create your own brand
  4. You can conduct research on businesses and their employees
  5. Network, network, network!

How can LinkedIn optimization be beneficial to you?

Although many people said they don’t use LinkedIn, I found many advantages for my career and my personal interests. But I only noticed even more opportunities until I had an optimized LinkedIn profile and was active in the social network.

  1. It can help you advance your career
  2. Receive attention from professionals
  3. Connect and engage with professionals
  4. Leads, leads, leads, and more leads!

So, what exactly do we cover in LinkedIn optimization? Let me tell you about *Client who’s a CEO and founder of a digital marketing agency as an example. We optimized her LinkedIn profile previously, and let me tell you what we covered for her.

*Original client name withheld due to non-disclosure agreement 

1. Optimizing your cover photo

Your cover image alone will say a lot about you. The Best-performing LinkedIn covers include:

  • Demonstrating to the audience your interests and personality
  • Making a pitch and/or establishing your credibility
  • Making use of something in your line of work or industry

2. Your ‘About’ section

At first glance, it may not appear to be the best place to encourage your audience to take action, but when you think about it, it makes far more sense than simply using posts or promoted content to guide your audience in a specific direction.

Ultimately, your ‘about’ section should be a closer look at the elements of your headline. “This is who I am, this is my mission, and this is what I can do for YOU,” sort of thing.

3. Add ALL of your skills

Both large and small. You may be surprised, but LinkedIn has confirmed that profiles with five or more skills receive 17x more views than those without. So start listing those soft and hard skills as soon as possible!

P.S. LinkedIn profiles with five or more skills receive 33x the number of messages.

Always remember that hard skills describe your abilities, whereas soft skills describe your interpersonal characteristics.

4. Adding media to your profile

The goal is to make your page interesting and appealing to visitors who come across it. You can accomplish this with the assistance of the media.

The media section is not part of the feed. In fact, it has a separate section in your profile page, owing more prominence. This means you should aim for more evergreen content.

Case studies, press releases, and customer reviews are all excellent additions to your profile and will help attract and engage customers once they arrive. It also makes your profile stand out from the crowd by making you appear more professional, open, and engaging.

So, we optimized Client’s profile with these features and many more!

What effect did this optimization have on Client’s profile?

  1. Calls have increased by 60%.
  2. Profile engagement increased by 40%.
  3. Conversion by 10%.

Looking to improve your Linkedin profile?

insightsDNA can help you. Contact us and let us understand your business better to offer performance-focused solutions.