Linkedin Growth

Do you know what is content marketing?

Content marketing is a long-term strategy aimed at creating strong links with your target audience through the consistent provision of high-quality content.

How is it used?

Content marketing is used by leading brands. Content marketing is used by the great majority of marketers. Small enterprises and one-person shops all around the world develop and implement it. Why? Because it is effective.

How content marketing is beneficial for Linkedin?

While content marketing is primarily based on creating content that may resonate with an audience other than your target audience, content marketing on LinkedIn focuses heavily on creating content that assists you in attracting relevant industry stakeholders.

LinkedIn has emerged as the most powerful and desirable platform for delivering the most relevant business-driven results. LinkedIn content marketing is gradually but steadily making more business sense to business owners, whether it is bringing more engagement from industry heavyweights or achieving credible leads.

We progressed by posting various sorts of content on LinkedIn. They are:

  1. Graphic post
  2. Carousel post
  3. Slideshare post
  4. Personal experience
  5. Videos

How did we go from 5000 to 1 million views?

I’d also like you to know that we started with 5000 people (views) and have now grown to 1 million views. Isn’t it incredible?

All of this is due to hard work, consistency, and dedication.

My work’s consistent format assisted me in growing to a million family.

We had to travel to the business when we first started, but today the business comes to us. We no longer need to go to a business.

Therefore, our company’s leads, business, and systematic flow are all generated automatically.

So, we have:

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • D2C

Want to build a similar system where you don’t need to run for the leads every month?

insightsDNA can help you. Contact us and let us understand your business better to offer performance-focused solutions.