How to focus on your customers using insights

The best way to grow your business is to pay adequate attention to your customers so you can deeply understand them and connect with them better.

You should be able to tell what drives customers to your website, what keeps them on it, what makes them adhere to the call-to-action, what stops them from taking a particular action, and many other things that happen.

To ascertain all of this, you need to get insight into what works, fix what doesn’t work, and repeat the process.

For your customers to stay glued to your website and brand, you need to give them the best experience they ever dreamt of. To do this effectively, you need to get insights into what’s happening.

Here are four steps you can follow to ensure you stay focused on your customers.

A step by step process to focus fully on your customers

Step 1: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a few website analytic tool that allows you to analyze your website traffic. It gives you a detailed report of your website trends and traffic. For a detailed analysis of your website, here are some metrics you should look out for

  • Traffic composition
  • Conversion rate per browser/device
  • How traffic sources perform
  • Google ads
  • Investigate the behavior of visitors

Step 2: Get recordings of how people move across your site

Once you are done with google analytics, the next step is to get a clear picture of how your website visitors are moving and the kind of experience they get from your website.

This can be done using Hotjar. Hotjar is a web-based tool that helps you out with this kind of function. It gives you session recordings also known as visitor recordings which show you the actions your visitors took as they browsed through your site.

These actions include taps, clicks, mouse movement, and scrolling across multiple pages.

The recordings enable you to understand your visitor’s behavioral patterns.

One more thing, the recording makes correction easier as a collaboration among team members can help fix broken links or pages faster.

Step 3: Use heatmap to find out more about your user’s behavior

Heatmap is also a tool developed by hotjar that assists you in focusing on your customers. Unlike recordings,  heatmap helps you understand what exactly visitors do on your website.

It shows where they click, what gains their attention, how far they go, and what they ignore.

Step 4: Use survey to get into the thoughts of your customers

Google Analytics, heatmaps, and recordings are all good as they help you have a deeper understanding of what happens on your site.

Now, you need to get into the thoughts of your customers and figure out what they are thinking.

The best and most convenient way to do this is to get such information from your customers by asking them to leave feedback on your page using an onsite survey.

Some on-site survey you should have been

  • Home page survey: This helps you understand what exactly brought visitors to your site. Some questions to ask here are what are you looking to do on this website? What do you hope to get out of this website?
  • Product/category page survey: Here you ask them embedded questions to find out what your customers need to know about your product and fix any misinformation.
  • Thank you page survey: As the title goes, here you thank your visitors for the visit and you can ask them to rate their experience, find out what you need to improve, what they’d love most, and many other questions.

Focusing on your customers isn’t a one-time thing. You need to constantly keep up with the trend and fix up any issue you find.