CRO Report

What is CRO?

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is the practice of customizing your website or landing page depending on the behavior of your target audience in order to maximize the likelihood of the visitor staying on your site longer and doing desired actions.

For example: If my website receives 20,000 visitors per month and generates 200 leads — and thus 20 customers each month — the website visitor-to-lead conversion rate would be 2%.

What is UI and UX optimization?

The aspects of a website that people use to navigate and gather information are referred to as user interface (UI) optimization. 

The optimization of user experience (UX) focuses on the overall enjoyment that a visitor may have when visiting a website.

Why are CRO and UX such a good match?

  • Both CRO and UX are aimed at assisting users in completing tasks with the least amount of effort
  • They both entail the usage of specific tasks like user input and usability testing. 
  • UX offers CRO long-term benefits
  • CRO makes UX teams efficient

It’s critical that your CRO and UX design work together to give your users the best possible experience. After all, these are companies that never cease to grow. All of this leads to an immediate increase in conversion rate.

Few elements of CRO are as follows:

1. Navigation

The structure of your site should be focused on creating an easy-to-navigate experience. At its core, site structure is typically a graph of how different pages of your site interact with one another.

To accomplish this, users must be able to easily (and quickly) move between important sections of the website and find whatever they need to accomplish their goals in the fewer number of clicks possible.

In other words, creating a fluid, easy-to-navigate website is the key to increasing conversions and the reputation of your brand.

2. CTA’s

A call-to-action (CTA) is exactly what it sounds like: an invitation or request for customers to take the desired action. This action could be anything from signing up for a newsletter to reserving a spot in a webinar, making a purchase, using a service, and so on. The more powerful and clear the CTA, the more leads it can generate.

Few methods to make your CTA more CRO friendly:

  1. Appropriate keywords and content
  2. Remove the clusterBenefits
  3. Time restriction
  4. Color speaks loudly
  5. Risk factor

Here is an example:

The initial issue was a 0.5 conversion rate. However, after making all the changes, it was found to be 2.5 percent.


Conversion rate optimization has become a mainstream effort from mapping the significance of website optimization to strategic methods for improving site performance, conducting A/B tests, and using the results to enhance marketing efforts.

It not only enables businesses to understand how their customers think, use, and perceive their brand and its offerings, but it also exposes them to a vast array of data that can be used to shape their future business strategies. 

CRO is more than just another tool for improving your brand's online performance

It is “the” tool for making you stand out! Try it now with us! insightsDNA can help you. Contact us and let us understand your business better to offer performance-focused solutions.