Benefits of Google Analytics for Data-Driven Marketing

In this digital age, it is necessary to have an analytical tool that can be used to track events happening of your website.

Google analytics is one analytical tool which can be used to track website events.

The need for analytical tools cannot be over emphasized. Google analytics helps answer the following questions:

  1. How many visitors have I successfully converted to leads or customers?
  2. How many people visit my website?
  3. What websites sends traffic to my website?
  4. Where did my visitors come from and where do they go on my website?
  5. Where do my visitors live?
  6. Is my website mobile friendly?
  7. What blog content do my visitors love?

These and many more questions can be answered by google analytics. Now you get the idea of what google analytics look like, let us define it to make more sense.

What is google analytics?

Google analytics is a free web based analytical tool offered by google that helps to you analyse your website and track your website performance. It shows you how visitors use your site and monitors your digital marketing effectiveness.

Google analytics can be used by any business and anyone as long as you have a website. An analytical tool may be just what you need to move your online business forward. Try google analytics today.

There are a few importance of google analytics;

Benefits of google analytics to businesses

The following are benefits of using google analytics to track your website performance:

  1. Google analytics is free to use: The first and obvious reason google analytics is a yes-yes investment is that it is absolutely free. That means you pay nothing for the vast amount of information you get. Unlike other analytical tools that would require you to input your card details or pay before use, google analytics is relatively free.
  2. Data visualization: Data alone won’t do the magic as it may be difficult to understand. Google analytics present your website data in a visual and easy to understand form through the use of charts, graphs, spreadsheets, lists and many more.
  3. Collaboration: Reports gotten from google analytics can be shared with your team mate for effective analysis and decision making.
  4. Demographics insight: Google analytics provide insight into the people who visits your website. Demographics info such as age, gender and location is made available by google analytics. This information also helps you know who among your visitors are likely to convert.
  5. Insights to website channels: which channels are leading people to your website? This is one question that google analytics answers. Channels such as SM, emails or landing pages can lead visitors to your website but google analytics shows you the pro what proportion it happens.
  6. Understand your audience: no matter your industry, google analytics give you a deeper understanding into the interest, behaviour and experience of your customers so you get a complete view of how to serve them better.
  7. Shows what contents work and what doesn’t: google analytics shows you how your audience engage with the content on your site. You get to see how people are interacting with your site and the different content that works.
  8. Unique insights: Google is the largest search engine in the world. By using google analytics, you are using googles unique machine learning and analytical tools to find out more information about your website data.
  9. Easy integration and collaboration with other analytical tools: In using google analytics, you can connect your analytics with Display and Video360, Google Ads, Adsense, Admob and Ad manager thus making it easier to track performance.