Benefits of data-driven marketing

The benefits of Data-driven marketing about time

Right now more than ever before, time is a huge factor to consider in marketing. Showing up with the right message your audience needs at the right moment can affect the growth and success of your marketing campaign. A timely connection with your customers impacts your relationship with them as they feel more understood by you. It is, therefore, necessary that business leaders trace where timely connections start.

Hence the question, where does the timely connection with customers start? Timely connections with your customers lie right inside your data. Understanding and reaching your target audience ought to be a top priority to you as a marketer because it impacts your marketing goals greatly. Knowing who exactly your audience is can help you discover when and how to reach them and that is what data-driven marketing does for you.

What is data-driven marketing?

Data-driven marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on the use of customer data which can be gotten directly from or from third parties to gain insight and in-depth analysis of the customer for a better marketing approach.

The insight got from customers’ data will help in building a more concrete and timely marketing process. Data-driven marketing can help grow your business in many ways. It could boost your business and impact your marketing strategy. Let’s look at the benefits of data-driven marketing and what data-driven marketing could be the missing click in your business.

Benefits of data-driven marketing

In our today’s world,data-driven marketing should be the basis of every and any marketing strategy if you want to deliver a personalized and time-driven experience to your customers. Here are a few benefits of data-driven marketing.

  1. Data-driven marketing gives you insight into what works and what doesn’t: Marketing shouldn’t be run based on feeling, it should be backed up by data that shows the right direction. With data-driven marketing, all guesswork is eliminated as insight on what works and what doesn’t is given by your analytics software.
  2. Data-driven marketing helps you reach your target audience: One important factor in marketing is the target audience. Once your target audience is identified, data shows you how, where and when you can reach your target audience.
  3. Data-driven marketing helps you deliver consistent message: A consistent message is needed in marketing and data helps you figure out what kind of messages your audience love. It also helps you streamline the content of your message to solve your customer’s needs as well as your business needs
  4. Data-driven marketing aids in audience segmentation: Not all customers act alike and not all customers are in the same buyer journey. One may be at the awareness stage and the other at the decision stage. It is, therefore, necessary to segment your audience. This is where data comes in. it helps you identify what segment a customer should fall under.
  5. Data-driven marketing gives you insight into your customers: Data gives you insight into your customers. It helps you know more about them thus understanding them better.
  6. Data-driven marketing gives your customers a better experience: Customer satisfaction is key if you want to remain in business and for customer satisfaction to happen, you need to give your customers a better reason and experience so they do not move to your competitors. Data-driven marketing is the key to customer satisfaction.
  7. Data-driven marketing boosts sales: A satisfied customer becomes an evangelist of your brand and they also become repeat customers. This in turn helps boost sales courtesy of data-driven marketing.

Application of data-driven marketing

Data-driven marketing can be applied in various marketing strategies such as advertising (social ads, search ads, display ads, etc), content marketing, search engine optimization, marketing automation personalization, and many others.