All advertising platforms in one dashboard

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If you work in digital marketing, you already know how important data is. In fact, it’s your strategic data that will lead you to success. However, because there is so much data in your cloud, we marketers have a difficult time compiling and reporting it. 

What if we told you that you could get rid of all the clutter in your cloud data offices, that you wouldn’t have to disclose anything, and do anything in your own time? Meet the Swiss knife of reporting and analysis: SUPERMETRICS


In simple words, Supermetrics helps you move your data from different platforms, making it easy and accessible to access data and report it. Also, your reports are created too – they look pretty good! 

The problem

Well, it’s a tedious job for marketers to check multiple google sheets and excel on daily basis to understand the 360 view of advertisement cost and return on advertising spend.

However, due to technical dependency, marketers waste a lot of time in creating the report manually and take strategic growth marketing decisions

The solution

“Getting everything done in one place saves time.”

Supermetrics may sound a bit confusing with every technical jargon, but that’s not true.

In fact, it’s an add-on, which means you must connect it to your preferred reporting platform and it will retrieve your data wherever it is stored.

Automating your reports with Supermetrics has many advantages.

  • Reduces your reporting time by half
  • Helps getting rid of human error
  • Improves efficiency
  • Create better, more accurate, and more visually appealing reports
  • Reduction in human resource costs
  • Easier access for you and your clients

The results

The all-in-one dashboard gave the client a 360-degree picture of the entire business, cash flow, and what was coming in and out, making it easier, faster, and more efficient to implement plans and generate reports, whether in marketing, operations, or sales.

We think Supermetrics is a fantastic tool.

The amount of time we spend gathering data, categorizing it, and preparing reports are basically non-existent. Therefore, your next data meeting surely needs a Supermetrics report.

Want to learn more about Supermetrics?

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